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Powering Flow

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We are AmbaFlex

At AmbaFlex, we bring passion and skill together through the power of seamless flow. Our topnotch spiral conveyors are chosen by world class companies. Innovation is in our heart. Trust and cooperation is what makes us a great team. A truly global team, with colleagues in every part of the world. We are all connected, it’s the driving force for our market leadership, always pushing the bar for the entire industry. Flow means everything to us, and we are committed to power yours.

Be part of our team

Working at AmbaFlex is more than just a job. From the moment you step through our doors, you'll be welcomed into a vibrant and international community where your ideas are valued, and your contributions truly matter. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting your career, you'll find opportunities for growth and development at every turn. Our supportive and inclusive workplace offers everyone the chance to thrive. We empower each other by collaboration, innovation, and continuous improvement. Your new career starts here!

Our core values

Customer First

Helping top companies succeed World class companies choose Ambaflex as our people always find theright solutions and turn promises into actions. It’s the people that shape our ingenious conveyors and make them fit perfectly. And help to get most out of them with outstanding support and advice. We're architects of flow, always driving innovation and pushing the bar forward.

Result oriented

Moving forward in the same direction Our success is the result of collaboration between our clients and everyone at AmbaFlex worldwide. With keen eyes on the end goal, everyone at AmbaFlex is focused on ingenious design, elegant simplicity and durability. Our early spirit of pragmatic entrepreneurship combined with our focus on the long-term and sustainability makes us built to last and future proof.

Team Up

Building strong relationships Trust and a safe workplace are important at AmbaFlex. Being able to rely on your colleagues makes all the difference. Each voice matters: each unique skill, view, and way of thinking. As everyone brings something valuable to the table. We encourage open dialogues. Because the best ideas come from close cooperation when we’re are all connected.

A truly global team

What started as a group of hands-on enthusiasts in a small Dutch town has blossomed into a global enterprise with offices from Singapore to Dallas and production facilities from Romania to China. At AmbaFlex you can collaborate with talented colleagues from around the globe in a culturally rich environment. Our diversity fosters innovation, allowing you to learn from different perspectives and cultures. Join our international team now. Together we can create that perfect flow.